English Market Manager

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English Market Manager

Full-time position based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


About The Position

We are excited to announce the search for our first-ever English Market Manager. If selected, you will become a key member of our core team of deeply passionate employees. Your main mission will be of the highest importance: to drive us forward and manage all Snowminds recruiting efforts in English-speaking countries, including Australia, England, New Zealand and others. As with any other new adventure, our team is super open to fresh ideas, different ways of thinking, and taking both a scientific and creative approach to problem-solving. We’ve got your back all the way, and we are counting on you to help us innovate and succeed.


In terms of culture and personality, it’s essential our new English Market Manager have a deep passion for skiing and people. You should be eager to learn from the best in the industry and to apply your competencies both individually and in teams. You should also LOVE to help others succeed and have an entrepreneurial mindset that flourishes when faced with new challenges. Basically, we expect you to work hard, bring good vibes, and help take Snowminds to the next level. So, are you in? 😊


The Job as English Market Manager

In line with our overarching goals, we will work closely with you to match the right projects with your competencies and personal interests. These projects include:


  • Leading all Snowminds recruiting efforts in the wider English-speaking market. Not just England, ALL English-speakers!
  • Joining our Customer Experience Team and communicating with candidates verbally and in writing to secure them the best possible service.
  • Conducting ski instructor interviews and guiding our candidates to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.
  • Planning and executing presentations at various events, including our annual kick-off event, Team Leader camp weekend, regularly-scheduled online info nights, reunion parties, Roskilde Festival or similar events.
  • Representing Snowminds as a Team Leader on our courses and helping our new Snowminds instructors succeed.
  • Working with our Marketing Manager to promote a variety of ski instructor courses and job opportunities for English-speakers
  • Writing English content for snowminds.com and developing a variety of prep materials for our English customers.
  • Optimizing our wide-array of business functions and other systems.
  • Conducting analysis that will support Snowminds’ growth and strategy.
  • Creating new projects inspired by your creativity and passion.



In this role, you will be given real responsibility and expected to manage core tasks on your own. Our team mantra is “whatever it takes” and we hope you’ll take that warrior mindset to heart. We’re in Viking country, after all. 🛡

More specifically, we expect you to have:


  • Native or near-perfect English speaker and strong writer. Ability to speak multiple languages (especially, Scandinavian languages) is highly desired.
  • Preferably educated as a ski instructor. Snowboarders are welcome, too 🤙
  • A winning personality with a desire to join a young and energetic team
  • A strong drive to build and develop a new English-speaking market
  • A love to create and to enjoy the benefits of your own hard work!




At the moment, we are looking for a Market Manager on a full-time basis. We are flexible in terms of the starting date. Salary will be commensurate with experience. If you are interested, please send a motivational letter, resume, a picture, or any any questions to [email protected].

Apply ASAP!

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